4870 CF with a sound card


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hello guys

i'm running a 4870 CF system on a P5E and i want to get a sound card cause the onboard is.... not so good. i need asio drivers and asio4all didn't do any help. so...

the only free pci-e that is left now is the one between the two graphics cards. i'm wondering... is it ok if i put a sound card on that or will it stress the gfx cards too much? (probably the uppen one i guess)

does anyone have a similar system and if yes, does it work fine?
should i get a pci-e sound card or should i stick with the pci? there is a free pci over the 1st gfx card but i was thinking that the pci interface will die in some time, won't it?

thanks for any help guys

Cheers !!!
what would be stressed? sound cards arent insanely demanding, it will only cause heat (mainly on the top card) from less airflow

your chipset is X38 right? that's supposed to be a highend (for the time) chipset, so i wouldnt expect it to have an issue

just in case, make sure you can return or replace (or sell) the soundcard IF something doesnt work
i was thinking it may stress the gfx card above it since it's so close to it. will it get enough air to cool it down properly or will it interfere to it?
ah i wouldnt use the word 'stress', should be something like 'block airflow' etc

if the soundcard is really long & covers up the top gfx card's fan, then ya, heat will rise on the top card (question is how much though.. it might still be able to suck in some air... we've all seen pics of almost touching cards in CF & SLI)
hm.. you're right, didn't think of the pics you mentioned...

the card i was thinking is an x-fi titanium which doesn't seem to be that long.

oh, and about the "stress" thing... apologies but english isn't my mother tongue ;)

anyway, thanks for the reply

Cheers !!!
have you heard of auzentech? they're the only 3rd party (non creative) that officially can have an XFi chip
yeah, of course i know of auzentech but the prices are very high compared to creatives' :)
am gonna go for the x-fi titanium pci-e after all.

thanks mate for the response.

Cheers !!!
I have a X-Fi pci card in the bottom slot under the lower video card and there is no problem.
am gonna get one after i come back from vacation so i'll tell you guys if there's a prob (which i don't really think) or not

Cheers !!!
well, work kept me from posting anything so, since now i got some time to spare, here it is

temp on both cards are the same. maybe the video card that's right above the x-fi is one degree celsius hotter that before but i'm not that sure.

all in all, everything is fine.

Cheers !!!