470 and 460 partner board thread.

Nice to see a range of cards. Those 2 fan 460's seem kind of like cooling overkill but of course we know how AMD likes to OC the PCIE bus. :p
Apparently some local supplier in my country already have RX 470 Nitro+ on stock just now. I really tempted to buy it...

Seems like Sapphire is really overpricing their 470s. It's hard to believe the PowerColor could have a worse heatsink than the reference on the "silver" but it costs $20 less (just looked, it's a standard two fan cooler). And the other options cost so much that it seems like you're better off just going up to the 480. I don't understand why Sapphire is pricing their card with a reference heatsink so far above MSRP?

The cooler on the Gigabyte is also so similar to the PowerColor that it makes me wonder if they're both made by the same OEM. PC has a higher boost clock though and costs less. I guess PowerColor is viewed as a "cheap" brand or something, but it's hard to get a better bang for your buck!
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Seriously does AMD not understand how to price gap their products? Why have products eat into the sales of their own products...

To be fair to AMD, they currently have only GPU products which can be sold in the range of $100 to $200. There's not a lot of room to properly fit in products with carefully tuned performance capability versus pricing when your products are forced into such a narrow pricing range on the low end.

This is actually the same problem they have faced for years in their CPU business, because they have nothing which can challenge any Intel CPU more expensive than $200 and so their CPUs are also forced into a very narrow price range on the low end.

Nvidia has products which can sell from $100 to $1200, when you have that wide a price range to work with, it's easy to place products into well-defined performance versus pricing segments which do not overlap or cannibalize each other.

Intel also can happily sell CPUs from $50 to $1500 and it's easy to have a lot of products with a wide performance versus pricing segmentation with such a wide range.
Actually by having a gpu that is under 200$ and close to the 480 in perf its doing what no one did before. A range of perf that is greater than usual for lower prices. AMD isnt cannibalizing its cards its pushing into the market to where it is. Where saving 50$ is important to a lot of kids.

Now due to the EAT tax we are nowhere near MSRP right now but that will settle out as it always has in a few months when supply meets demand.
A bit dissapointed by the numbers I've seen on the 4GB 460 reviews , while performance seems fine it doesn't look to be much better than the 7850 in perf/watt. Most of these are the dual fan 4GB cards, I'm hoping to see more impressive numbers from the single fan 2GB ones.
460 is just a weird part to me. The performance just isn't there imo. Best served in mobile applications perhaps? Skip a couple meals and pick up a 470 if money is that tight, but you want awesome gaming performance. Or, if you're already looking at a 470, save $20-40 and get a 480.

As far as 470 pricing goes, I don't blame AMD for it. AIB-only solutions puts it in a tough spot to be less than $200. And we are talking what, 5-10% performance difference TOPS compared to 480? Also, who is actually charging these prices? The AIBs I assume?