3ds max and optimization


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Hello, all.

I've just joined the Radeon fraternitiy (7500), retiring my old 3d Labs Oxygen VX1 card. As you might guess from owning a card like that, I don't do games (sorry) but I am into Photoshop, Freehand, and 3ds max (trial version... damn it's expensive).

Anyway, my 2 questions are:

To install these tweaked drivers, is it preferable to uninstall the old 6701 drivers first, or can the installation go on top of the previous one? I'm sure that this question's been asked before, sorry if I'm a lazy slug for not looking it up.

Secondly, is there any chance you guys in DriverHeaven have or will add some tweaks for 3ds max?

Thank you for the good work.
Re: 3ds max and optimization

Really the best performance you can get in max from the radeon cards is to use the default settings in the 6071 drivers.

I'm using win2k with radeon 8500 and 6071 and both maya and max work great with no tweaks whatsoever.
Well,....I dont know about the Radeon 7500, but on my 8500, I use the hacked FireGL 8800 drivers for Max and Cad optimizations. The hacked 8800 drivers have profiles for Max, Maya, ACAD, ...etc.

Using the hacked FireGL 8800 , it accelerated Max, Mata and Cad apps from 4x-6x the speed....which is what I love.

Ofcourse the bad thing about this is, lack of proper support for games...and little to no Direct 3D acceleration.

I do alot of AutoCAD and MAX work for college, work and personal enjoyment. My site at the bottom of my sig has some pieces I've done on MAX last year. I have ALOT of ACAD drawings and plans, but never had the time or drive to upload them :hmm:
I'm using a Radeon8500 the 6071 drivers with the OpenGL patch (not sure it makes a difference btw)

3D Studio Max, GTKRadiant and Photoshop7 all look great quality and speed

It will prolly be the same for the Radeon7500