3D TruForm Model Viewer?


New member

Anybody thought about creating a 3D Model Viewer with
TruForm capability?:) That way we can see what effect
TruForm would have on current models that exist for
games such as UT, Q2, and Q3A. Nothing fancy just a
viewer.;) Any suggestions on where I would find the code
to a good model viewer that I can play around with?

Thank you,
Chuck Spencer

P.S. Not trying to be harsh or anything, but if ATI
is unable to create any technology demos (such as for the
8500), maybe we should.... Or at least try...;)
There is a patch for 3D studio max to implement N-Patches. I'm not sure if this is what you mean. Also the DX 8.1 SDK has support for it as well.


Sorry what I mean is that I would like to create a
simple Q2/Q3/UT model viewer with TruForm so we
can see what our game models would look like.
Something like the TruForm Demo that NitroGL had
created, but with a little more flexablility.

I am not a modeler, just a gamer with some programming
knowledge, and would just like to see what a Q3
model with full textures would look like in TruForm.

I should probably go some place else this shouldn't I?

Sorry again... :confused: