3D Modeling related degree


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I am interested in pursueing a degree in 3D related course i.e Virtual reality, Simulations, Games, special effects. Anyone knows of a good university?
you are going about it in the wrong way. You should be looking for a degree that uses 3d modeling simulation etc etc. Subjects such as Computer Science, and Electronic and Electrical Engineering would be a good start. I can remember using / seeing a lot of simulation and modelling in my electronic degree.
My company hired its 3D modlers/animators out of the Art Institute of Houston. This is not a recommendation of this institute. The 3D guys we hired sucked.
Depends on what kind of 3D you're after. If you're talking
the stuff out of Hollywood, Sheridan up here in Canada
ranks as one of the highest *but also the most competitive*
A degree in math/compsci may be the university route to take,
as i understand alot of it is dependent on math and programming.
Well, 3D programming isn't all about doing 3D graphics. I'd recommend checking out art schools in general because they specialize in doing 3D animations for all ranges in the industry, from movies, to commercials, and games to say the least. To become a 3D animator, its good to have the experience and background such as drawing, anatomy, the list goes on and on. Most art schools will give you this background experience. 3D programming alone won't really cut it when it boils down to it, I could be wrong, but I graduated from an art school where one of its big areas focused on computer art. One of the top colleges to go to is Ringling College of Art and Design in FL. Savannah College of Art and Design is another good school, which is where I graduated from. :)
well, from my point of view, as far as coding goes - start with EE or CS from a reputable school. then after getting the basics (coding/math) start working Indenpantly on a project (where i was at they are called Independant Study courses). usually you are paired up with a professor of that discipline and you work on some highly specific stuff.

however you have to start pursuing it early in you college career - because there is a demand for this one on one attention with limited faculty - but its well worth it if you are willing to work.