3000 series and receiver setup


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Hi there,

Currently I'm running a Samsung 20.1" LCD as primary display and a Samsung 46" HDTV through a Yamaha RX-V1800 receiver with a DVI to HDMI cable for video and an optical cable for audio from my onboard Realtek to the receiver.

I'm running XP x64 and have an nVidia 8600GTS installed. Since I installed the receiver, every time I turn the receiver or HDTV off, the dualview settings (displays configured independently) are lost and worst case the HDTV I just turned off becomes the primary display. Very annoying.

So before I purchase an ATI/AMD card, I have some questions:
  • Does anyone have experience with a similar setup? Do the dual view/independent settings stay in place when you turn either the receiver or HDTV off?
  • I want a fan-less design so my options are more or less the 3470 or the 3850 from Sapphire. I never play games on my PC and I will never install Vista. Does the 3470 have enough performance for a smooth computer experience? I'm a software developer and don't want lagging windows.
  • It seems the 3000 series has a Realtek chip onboard. I also already have one on my Abit IP35 Pro mobo. Will these work fine together?
  • Did the drivers of ATI/AMD improve over time? Last time I used an ATI card the drivers were kind of buggy.

Martin Stam
Miami Beach
I got this problem too.. everytime when I turn off/on receiver, I have to do the setting again.... hate this problem