3 monitor gaming using hd5970


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Hi. Couple of questions. Why is it everytime i play a game the bezel compensation feature does not work? It is turned on in CCC (v10.6) and works when i am working on my desktop.

The other question is why the images on the two peripheral monitors are enlarged relative to the centre screen again only when i play games? I have the centre screen connected to DP and the two peripheral connected via DIV-D connector.

any help would be much appreciated. thanks
1) For the bezel compensation to work, you have to look for a screen res that's higher than the natural res of the 3 monitors together. The game has to render the extra hidden pixels behind each bezel.

So my 3 x 1680x1050 monitors have a natural res of 5040x1050, but I play BFBC2 at 5340x1050 (iirc)

2) No idea :( My setup is 1 x direct DVI, 1 x HDMI -> VGA adapter, 1 x DP -> VGA adapter, and mine 'just worked'

If you already knew about 1) and already have the correct res selected, then perhaps something has gone awry with your monitor grouping?