3 burrs before had disk engages



I recently bought a Asus CUSL2-C motherboard.
Put it together with
Powergene Geforce mx2
2 x 128 mb Kingmax SDRAM
Seagate st320414a 20 gig 7200 rpm HDD
PIII 1 GHz Intel Cpu
I keep getting 3 burr sounds around the time the hard disk engages.
I have tried Cpu 's, new power supply ,swapped memory and used Seagate intensive stress test.
The test said the drive was fine.
I have tested other HDD's and other cables.
I have tried every cmos setting possible.
Disabling and enabling UDMA.
Has anyone had similar problems ?
Does anyone have any suggestions ?
This one is a hard one...........
This isn't really the right forum, but I'll help you out.

What you are hearing is the HDD spinning up.
If that sound annoys you a lot, you can go to power settings and change the time to 15 minutes before HDD shutdown or something like that.

But it is a good idea to leave it as is if it doesn't bother you too much.

Most high speed drives have a spinup sound. It is normal.
Sorry I should have said 3 burrs after the hard disk initiation sound.
That is the hard disk engages and then the 3 burrs short ones.
PS Which forum is the right one?
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This forum is for the website and forums.

If you are having hard drive problems the best place to go would be storagereview.com


I will have a look at storage view for my motherboard problem.
You really know your stuff.
Sorry i even asked.
Thanks for your help.
yeah, call him dumb when your posting in a forum about problems with the website about your motherboard. see ya