1803 and KB4100347 (spectre patch)


MSI released a BIOS update in July which addressed the spectre vulnerability (confirmed with InSpectre). So I then uninstalled KB4100347.

Today I check for Windows Updates and it ends up reinstalling KB4100347?!?!

Is that now a required update??? Even though the BIOS is enough to keep me safe from spectre it still installed this update...

1803 is like a virus. It's a huge pain in the but to keep it from installing.

You might want to uninstall it again then go to the Update Settings --> Advanced Options --> Pause Updates and turn it to "On". Then you'll need to click on the "Choose when updates are installed" and Click the "Feature Update" to 365 days and the "Quality Update" to 30 days.

That 'should' stop it from installing. Some have done this and it installed anyway.

Like I said, 1803 is almost like malware.
Man this update installed yesterday night. During the day I was playing PUBG and the PC froze. Reboot, check event viewer - ~10 or so WHEA errors during the hour I played.

No other WHEA error the last months. Seems new microcode needs more voltage for my 3770K to stay stable..

Anyways wasnt this patch updated to also fix the new bug, "foreshadow"?
It's awesome that this thing even installs on my AMD system. You'd think a simple hardware detection would stop it from happening.