1800 aiw - hd 960i - black screen


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I have an old 1800 aiw card in my daughters computer. We just moved and when I hooked it up to cable and installed the MMC software(s) it's detecting the channels as HD 960i, which results in a black screen. It should be 480i, but I'm not finding any way to change it.
1. Boot Into Safe Mode
2. Uninstall the ATI Drivers
3. Reboot
4. Boot back into Safe Mode and install ATI drivers again (although this is optional, you could boot into normal mode but safe mode is preferred).
5. That should get your display back. ;-p
I have not used the All-in-Wonder Series since the ATI Radeon 7200GT All-In-Wonder so I can't be specific on that card. Sorry.
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That didn't work. How does the software decide what resolution to be in? Is there a configuration file or registry entry that can be changed?
HD :960i blank screen

HD :960i blank screen

Configuration radeon 9700Pro.
Had the same problem. here is the way I fixed the thing :

Install Catalyst 9.5
Install MMC the 4 files in order
replace display driver with version 8.4 ( can be done with catalyst 8.4 display file only)

But all this is related to the file T200 the new WDM driver. with previous all in wonder it seem like the component AVIVO over 8.3 (and thus the driver T200 newer version) does not work. Unsted of showing HD 460I // it show HD 960I black screen.

So go back to ATI site, and select your hardware, and you get to the Catalyst driver page.
at the bottom of the page there is PREVIOUS DRIVER

Select previous driver, and in the list choose 8.3
You should get to another page showing separate component to download.
Get AVIVO 8.3 and install it, reboot and your All in wonder TV tuner should work.
Follow up:

AMD confirmed that you have to use an old driver (older than 8.4). TV works fine with an earlier driver.