128 pro and asus p5a no worky!

Dennis Oppelt

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this maybe should be in another forum, but I thought I'd try this one too as the proper one is getting no hits:

I have had THREE all in wonder 128 pro boards, and non of them have worked over the years on my asaus p5a mb with an ali 1541 chipset, win 98, 356meg ram, amd KII 550 MeHz cpu.

I have tried for years to fix it and have given up, resigning to the fact that they are incompatable and that I need a new computer. It drives mr nuts.

The problem is that when I play TV, I get a blue screen error (0028:FF0 3200C)

The best I can do is to get the TV to play for about 7 minutes tops, before the pc crashes.

I have tried everything, latest bios, drivers, software, etc etc etc.

I have creative soundblaster for sound (it used to help to disable that)

can anyone help me?

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Doesnt matter too much which forum you post in. Those old cards arent popular any more. Lets start from the top. Fully updated Win98 + DirectX9 + supported ATI driver and MMC? What about AGP drivers from Ali? Is an IRQ reserved for your card? have you tried other TV software? What about dropping the AGP transfer speed?
thanks for the quick reply

I have done all the things ypou mentioned, drivers, bios, etc etc etc.

except the AGP transfer speed, how to I lower that?

(I tried an ALI utility for manipulating the chipset but it was too scary, it made my pc not work)


In the bios is it possible to change the PCI latency timing? Might try doubling or halving that value....
I tried doubling the latency rate but that made it no different,
halving it seemed to make it better, it went an hour being stable, but the next morning, I turned the tv on and it crashed after 5 minutes.

Hrm... Is there some place that lists the options available in your mobo bios? perhaps an online manual or something? Perhaps if I could take a look at it, could find a combination of options that might help the matter.