1080 ppd


F@H thinks my 1080 is the 980 I took out, but it's not affecting the units I'm getting so she's on her merry way. I had to take a break from folding for a while when the fans on one of my 980 SLI failed, but now we're back in business.

These are my slot settings:

client-type advanced
max-packet-size big

Prairieville eh? I used to live on Seven Oaks Ave out there. Still miss the food from Sammy's Grill every now and then.

Gratz on the 1080 too :bleh:
I saw that mad folding last month! Now both you and curio (and DarkFoss) seem to be mia...

*looks at own pitiful folding PPD* .... okay I'll shut up now :p :p :(