bios for asus c7h


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And its a whopping 32 megs ... but how much is that bloatware? Its such a huge increase over current bioses at about 11 megs...
And its a whopping 32 megs ... but how much is that bloatware? Its such a huge increase over current bioses at about 11 megs...

Not sure where you are getting that bios, it's not on their site for the c7h. being 32 megs suggests it is beta and most likely is 3 bioses in 1. (bios for zen/zen+, Zen2/zen2+, zen3).. as the previous bioses that included zen2, where 2 bioses in one (zen/zen+ and zen2) loading the proper one at boot depending on your cpu as there are different settings available in the bios depending on the cpu you have. When it was just Zen/zen1 the bios size was 8 megs.. when zen 2 came out, it went to 15 to 16 megs. So 32 megs for all 3 is about right since AMD already said that zen3 requires a larger bios.

edit: yes, it's bois v3101, which is beta.
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Well on GB zen 1, zen + and zen 2 are all under 11 megs on beta F50a that Im running. So it feels like Asus is bloating it to just run Zen 3 on top of it all. Unless they kept all the APU's but even then...

Saw it reddit:


I bet if you sat the boards side by side, you will find a lot of different options and features in both the bios settings as well as hardware differences. Asus goes heavy on overclocking features in the crosshair hero line, as well as headers for custom loops for pumps, water flow (in/out) and liquid temperature. Any added features the GB doesn't have is going to add to the Bios code and increase the size.

The file sizes I said above in my original comment where wrong, i was looking at compressed. The zen1/zen+ bios are 16mb, when the zen2 was introduced they went to 32mb (16mb for zen1/zen+ support, and the other 16mb for the zen2 support).

The reason for the 2 combined bioses as I mentioned in my first comment is most likely due to the overclocking features that the 7ch included for each chip ryzen version. I am sure they could eliminate many of them, or not make them available for the zen2 series and make it one bios. But the c7h is an enthusiast overclocker's board, so I see why they don't do that.
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True on the asus and they do want to shine there more than some. But GB likes a spartan bios and can do some ocing if you're into that. I still think they could fit the 4k ryzens on 16megs on some boards.
I clicked the first two links and didn't see MSI. Then I saw it on the third.

On their official website, it reports the update as BETA. I think I will wait until I'm ready to upgrade to a 3900X before updating.

Good to know I have the ability to do it today if I wanted. :)

The download weighs in at 9.2 MB for my motherboard. https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/X470-GAMING-M7-AC

That's only 7 floppy disks.