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Rage3D Tweak

Rage3D Tweak CCC is a brand new tweak application that integrates directly into ATI's Catalyst Control Center (CCC) driver application and adds key tweak functions to the existing interface. This tweaker has been developed in the spirit of the former Rage3D Tweak application we developed and supported over the last many years. This application is a plug-in which consists of two new tree elements which will appear under a Rage3D heading in the advanced display view of the CCC. The two new sections are: Overclocking, and OC Testing.

We will continue to develop this new tweak application, with your feedback and suggestions, to integrate additional tweaks and functionality into future versions. Our goal is to have Rage3D Tweak CCC implement all of your most often used tweak functionality into an easy to use, easy to access, plug-in right within the CCC driver control application.


OC Testing

The Overclocking display allows complete control of clock speeds for all Radeon cards supported by the CCC. Core and Memory clocks can be changed independently. The clock step can also be changed from this screen to enable finer control over the clock speed increments.

OC Testing enables automatic testing of maximum core and memory clock speeds. The display consists of a realtime 3D rendering window which is used to heat up the graphics card and check for artifacts during the rendering test period. When one of the clock test buttons is clicked, the 3D display turns red to indicate a test is in progress and increments the tested clock speed at an interval specified by the displayed slider. The clock speeds are increased incrementally at user selected interval. Longer testing intervals will result in more accurate clock speed testing.

Rage3D Tweak History

Rage3D tweak originally started from a registry manipulation engine developed by Byron back in the late 90s. Initially the engine was used to manipulate some Matrox video card registry entries. Shortly after the release of the original Radeon DDR video card, I wrote an article on Radeon Registry Tweaks. Byron used that article to build version 1.0 of an ATI tweaker which later became Rage3D Tweak 1.0. Over the last several years, we developed Rage3D Tweak into one of the most powerful, and functional video card tweakers available. We had the first game specific profiles for clock speeds and tweaks as well as ongoing support for all operating systems, including Win9x/ME.

The years of development led to a few different spin-offs of the core engine. Significant enhancements to the engine, for instance, powered the Redline tweak utility licensed to Sapphire for inclusion with their premium video cards. One of the drawbacks to the long development history of Rage3D Tweak is how complex the tweak code logic has become. Our support, going back to the original Radeon DDR card, means that over the years we built many layers of tweak engine logic to determine which tweaks were available for which generation of Radeon card. In the early years of the Radeon, ATI changed registry entries and logic between driver revisions and card revisions enough that ongoing support was often complicated. When ATI decided to move to the Catalyst Control Center concept, and completely changed their registry interaction, reworking our entire tweak library logic to support both the legacy control panel and the CCC was a monumental task that we decided we could not support.

The result of this history is Rage3D Tweak CCC. Utilizing ATI's built in tools and programming interfaces, we have created our plug-in which allows us to add extensive functionality to the CCC interface, and yet leverage ATI's work on their GUI, help and driver control interfaces. We intend to integrate many more features, and work with ATI to improve the CCC customization capabilities as we go forward.

We have the capability right now to customize much of the look and feel of the CCC, and implement extensive new functionality where needed. If you are interested in customizations to the CCC (skins, features, custom designs) please contact me at ichneumon@rage3d.com.

Version 1.1

  • Updated to support Catalyst 5.8 drivers.  Each driver release will have its own Rage3D Tweak install now while ATI continues to change the CCC interfaces, so this will be v1.1 Cat5.8.  There will be one for Cat5.9 etc.
  • Removed the GameUtil section while ATI continues to change CCC.  May add back that functionality in a future version.
  • Changed the program so GameUtil is no longer used for per-game overclocking.  Now just save your clock speeds in the CCC game profile functionality and apply the profiles to games as you do with other CCC profiles.

Version 1.0

  • Initial version.


Note: Select the specified download for your current Catalyst Driver version.
Main Features
  • Core and Memory overclocking support for all Radeon series cards.
  • ToolTip help built into the CCC application.
  • Support for per-game clock speed settings.
  • Multiple skin options for the tweaker.
System Requirements

  • Catalyst 5.8 Catalyst Control Center
Operating System
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
Tweaker Credits

Tweaks and Management:
Eric "Ichneumon" Amidon

Tweak Engine and Tools code:
Byron "Himself" Montgomerie

Graphics design:
Mark "Ratchet" Thorne

Version History

Version 1.1
  • Updated to support Catalyst 5.8
  • Removed GameUtil Section
  • Changed to allow overclocking support in CCC profiles.

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