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The RageLtMan driverset is not an official ATI driver and therefore ATI will not be responsible for any problems that you may encounter with the use of these drivers. They will not provide support in troubleshooting these drivers and are without warranty of any kind.

Please DO NOT contact ATI Technical Support or any other ATI departments for help with the drivers provided here. They will not have sufficient information to assist you with these drivers.

If you experience technical difficulties using these drivers please contact us or post your problems in the forum

As of November 12, 2000 the RageLtMan project is closed. FDv3 and UDv2 will be the last released drivers. Tech support will still be provided.

The drivers: UDv2 & FDv3 - Both support DX7 and all the rage pro features barring multi-monitor. They only run under windows 95, 98, and Me. These WILL NOT work under win2k. 2kD1.1 - This is the win2k driver released by popular demand, it supports OpenGL and the full range of Rage Pro cards.

List of supported hardware: Rage Pro, Rage Pro Turbo, Rage Lt Pro, Rage XL, Rage Mobility (M1, P), and others based on these chips. The drivers will NOT work on any other chip, such as the rage 128, 128 pro, or Radeon.

Thanks goes to James at SoundCardCentral for hosting these files!



Final Drivers
RagePro Driver Final - FDv3 November 12 2000 - 4.74 megs Similar to UDv2, this driver uses a different D3D system which seems to work faster with DX8. It is also more compatible with some programs than UDv2. Neither this driver, no UDv2, require a patch to run EQ. Both drivers also support full DVD acceleration.
Unified Driver

Latest Driver Version - 2

Novermber 12 2000 - 4.71 meg


A new, faster, more compaitible, feature rich driver. Udv2 uses a d3d system different from that of UDv3 to achieve higher framerates under DX6/7. However, it has been noted that under DX8, the FPS drop is noticable. This driver also runs EQ with no patch, and should work best for all who are not using DX8

Older Driver Version - 1.11

August 22 2000 - 4.02 meg

Note: fixed resolution problems

Smaller, more stable, more compatible version of UDv1. Includes a new core, and d3d system. As well as a new DVD authentication layer designed to remove incompatibilities. It's also the first "Chimera" style driver. Performance also rises a notch.
Latest 2kD Beta

Latest Driver Beta - 1.1

July 25 2000 - 4.18 megs

This is an untested, Win2k driver based on Dell's release, supports all of the Rage Pro family, is smaller, and has a few minor optimizations. The driver includes an OpenGL ICD for full OpenGL support. Beta 1.1 should fix any problems encoutered with the original.
Latest GD Beta
Latest Driver Beta - 7.9
July 7 2000 - 4.04 megs
Upgrade to this if using the 7.7 or 7.5. Does not have the multimedia features of 7.8
AMD/Cyrix patches: These are the long awaited alternative AGP patches for every GD available for download. You must download the one that corresponds to the driver you use, unzip the contents of the file into the directory from which you plan to install the driver (overwriting any files), and run setup.exe. This will install the Gart system for your motherboard. Intel users do not need this, AMD users should get this, but dont have to. The drivers should run fine without these patches.
Patch for 7.9
July 7 2000 - 2.02 megs
Patch for 7.8
July 7 2000 - 2.02 megs
Patch for 7.7
July 7 2000 - 2.02 megs
Patch for 7.5
July 7 2000 - 2.02 megs
Earlier GD releases:  
Older driver beta- 7.7
June 4 2000 - 4.19 megs
Older driver beta- 7.5
May 21 2000 - 6.06 megs
These can be put into any RLTM driver set, and some ATI sets (all ATI sets if properly named). Simply extract them from the zip file into the windows system directory.
1076 ICD Fast ICD, has less features, some image quality loss
1077 ICD
1085 ICD Good balance between speed and image quality
1091 ICD
1094 ICD Forcuses more in image quality, loss of performance.




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