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AMD Radeon Discussion and Support General discussion, tweaking, overclocking and technical support questions about discrete Radeon graphics products.

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I will say with renewed competition from AMD it could be that both companies try to deliver products faster, or that the next gen sees a bigger than usual (or at least what's been usual lately) increase since neither one wants to get one upped.
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ATI Technologies

Originally Posted by Nagorak View Post
I'm pretty sure Nvidia slipped to 24+ months a while ago (I'm talking new architectures not refreshes like Supers or Ti, those space things out more but they are just larger versions of the same architecture at best, and slight refreshes of previous chips at worst).

September 18, 2014: 980 release date.
May 27, 2016: 1080 release date
September 20, 2018: 2080 release date
September 17, 2020 : 3080 release date

Based on this cycle RTX 4080 should be around the end of September 2022.

AMD had only 16 months between the 5700 XT and 6800 XT, but they also had to catch up after slowly falling behind. If AMD keeps to an 18 month cycle even I guess we'd see something around May of next year, but I am not sure whether that's realistic given the supply issues.
Nagorak a small correction on the above. The 6800XT was a NEW high end GPU and NOT a replacement for the 5700XT. They are in two completely different price segments. It's like saying the 3080 was the replacement for the 2070 which obviously it wasn't.

The 6700XT is the 5700XT replacement so add another 4 to 5 months to your calculations and it's not far off 2 years. I know I owned Fury, Vega 64 and 5700XT so 2 years was roughly my upgrade cycle and I usually bought on or near release. TBH after a blower Vega 64 I did wait a few months for an AIB 5700XT so it's horses for courses. Which is much the same with the AIB release of the 6700XT so 2 years ain't far off.

IMHO a 2 year cycle is fine as not many games come out in that time frame to really tax a card. A year or less is a bit meh TBH but that's just my personal opinion. I'm not interested in that upgrade cycle although I'm sure some are. I went from a mid range 5700XT to my present card so I'm not in a hurry to upgrade.

My big beef with AMD was the poor driver support for the cards mentioned above at release and it often took 6+ months of driver releases to iron out the issues and make the cards run as they should. Unacceptable for me to release a GPU with sub standard drivers. Look at places like Gamers Nexus who have posted videos about this issue. It's basically a schoolboy error by AMD.

I've had my NV card for 8 months now and had no driver issues at all. I've flashed the Bios, enabled Resizable Bar and all has gone well. Very happy chappy indeed.
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