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Default Any new mouse similar to Logitech iFeel Mouse?

I have a 4 year old Logitech iFeel Mouse and I love it.

I have grown accustomed to the tactile force feedback feature so much, that it feels weird when I use a mouse with no force feedback.

If I will have to replace this mouse in the future, what other choices do I have? Are there any new mice with tactile force feedback (or regular force feedback) that is usable in Windows?

Its a long shot question but....thanks in advance.
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Nope unfortunately the vibration mouse "fad' died off.

I had an iFeel mouse myself and absolutely loved it in the few games that supported it (especially MOH:AA and UT2K3). However because of a couple problems it died off an no new games support the mouse. With no software supporting the device there was no reason to keep making it.

The first problem is sort of a paradox. When the mouse first came out there weren't a lot of games that used it, so not many people had a reason to buy it. Since not many people had the mouse there wasn't much reason for developers to support it (why do extra work to include something that maybe 10% of the market will use). Without support we're back to the original problem that there's no reason to buy the mouse. It's always tough launching a new technology like that - I'm thinking the same thing might happen to physics accelerators.

The other problem was that the interface for the vibration (the Immersion software) wasn't designed very well and was quite a performance drain. For example I remember in MOH it resulted in anywhere from a 5-10fps drop in performance, which is ridiculous given that it's such a simple thing. As a result it wasn't the best option for gamers. Given the choice between having mouse vibration or bumping textures (or whatever graphics option) up to the next highest level, which would you choose?

I really wished it had succeeded too. Console gamers have been enjoying the extra feedback that a vibrating controller provides for years; I though a "rumble" mouse was a great idea. If only they had found a better way of integrating the software in addition to making it easier to implement, it may have succeeded. As is, it's a testment that even great ideas can go bad

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i got one right when it came out, but due to bad software design, the mouse never got to shake after its first week in service :/ (removed driver)
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