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luxor is still being judged by the masses


Originally Posted by jima13 View Post
It was a tough week, lost one of my cats and the cpu on the same day. Had 2 sisters, only 7 now trying to keep the one from getting depressed.

On the PC front, I guess after about 8 years running 24/7 the aio waterpump finally gave up. So for awhile I was down to 2 rigs from 5. Just got #3 with 3700x, RTX 3070 running a little while ago. Hope to have the other two back online by sometime next week, just waiting on a couple things.

Nice work yourself Luxor
Wow, that is a shitty start of year. I hope the rest of the year will go better!

On my side, all my production is coming from a single RTX 3060.
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