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Originally Posted by pax View Post
8k tvs are getting cheap, Ive seen some for ~1500$ cad locally, and I can see the next gen push for 16k easily with the rumored large perf increase of lovelace and navi3. I can see the gen after that targeting 16k so having some modest 16k capability in next years is reasonable. The same way the 5700xt was 4k/30-60 capable to some degree but it was the 6000 gen that pushed 4k harder.
Pax there is no 8K content regularly available for TV's. They are upscaling which isn't the same thing it's not native 8K. I considered a Samsung 8K TV but decided to buy a 4K one for now because by the time there is native 8K content TV's will have changed dramatically. Basically 16K TV's are probably a decade away if ever. TBH it's won't be mass market for a very long time so RDNA 3 with that support, what's the point? Same goes for Lovelace it's just marketing BS.

My 3090 supports 8k and with DLSS/DLAA it's meant to be OK but am I bothered? Absolutely not I'm only interested in what it can do for gaming today. Years from now I'll deal with then. I think 8K/16K are like VR. Meant to be the next best thing but just never happens because the mass market isn't really interested in it.
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