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ATI Technologies

This is from Lisa Su in the latest earnings call..

Yeah. So, again, what I would say is our market share is still, I would say underrepresented, whether you're talking about the client CPU or APU side or the GPU side. I think what we have seen here in the third quarter and then into the second half of the year is, our graphics business has performed quite well. It is channel driven in the sense that there's still strong demand amongst gamers for GPUs. As we go into 2022 though, I don't view the PC market as a headwind for the Company. I think as we look at all of these markets, of course, we do a bunch of scenario planning if the market is up or if it's down.

I think there are many who think that the market maybe up, there's some who think that market maybe down, and that's why we're choosing to model the base case is flattish. But even within that market, whether you're talking about client CPUs or client GPUs, we think we have opportunities to gain share and grow in that business. Just given the strength of our product portfolio and the fact that we are underrepresented to think the what we can expect given those products.

She also mentioned consoles and CPU's were a major driver for 2022 so as usual the GPU side is lagging behind. Don't blame them it's business but don't think they'll prioritise GPU's for a few generations yet. Don't get me wrong, like Bill says, RDNA 3 might knock it out of the park but it just won't be easily available. Just my 2c'c worth
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