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Originally Posted by Seyiji View Post
It does the job but I find myself yearning for the touch of another man....I mean GPU...

I have a mighty need for a 3080 or a 6800XT alas
Can't say I regret my 68XT, but i regret selling the two last big GCN chips. Also the design in all alu was pretty awesome look!

Originally Posted by pax View Post
Vega 64 is solid at 1440p. For me to upgrade it'd be not just the added perf but features like RT and super resolution...

If the 6700xt was ~400 usd or ~500 cad id buy that pretty easily in a TUF but itll be way more than that. I expect 600 usd and 750 CAD at this point.
Yeah I theink they could have undercutted the market with a price more down to 400USD! Totally agree! That would move volume of branding.
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