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What, because of all the reduced noise from the computer, with a sound card that already has filtering caps capable of producing results where the noise is 100db or more down from full scale?

Give me a break.

Any audio device that can be made audibly better by controlling other external factors (within reason) should have been designed better so that those external factors don't matter. If you need to do something else to fix it, you should have just got something that wasn't broken, and didn't need fixing.

The EVGA Nu Audio doesn't need fixing, unless you have a ground loop noise issue, which has other solutions, or you have a million dollar room and speaker system where the sound card would be the weakest link.

Even then, the Nu Audio is unlikely to be the thing you'd spend more money on to improve. It's not a stellar sound card, but it's still pretty good.

If you can really hear "computer noise" that can be reduced by reducing the amount of computing being done in your computer, then you either have a poor quality audio device, or you have ground loop issues.

It's nearly always ground loop issues.

Here is a proper review with proper measurements if you're curious of exactly what level of fidelity your card has, without any software tricks.
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