Path Tracing for Dragon's Dogma 2 and recent Resident Evil games


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Kind of an awesome little discovery. Full of issues to be sure, but cool none the less

The Mod
Graphics Suite ALPHA Includes Path Tracing and HD Clouds on Nexus Mods

Looks fancy as frig minus the Mia and Baby scene in Re Village lol.

The moment someone hacks in the ray reconstruction denoiser this is gonna be toight :D
Eeek that is freaking looking. Clearly not working perfectly there :eek:

Any denoiser would be a massive improvement. Right now there isn't one that works at all, hence all the grain. So while RR would be neat, it requires allot deeper integration that is probably well beyond any of the current mods.
Also I haven't seen anyone try yet... but might want to give it a go in other RE engine games supported by REFramework. Good candidate might be Devil May Cry 5 for instance.