My dad is dying

My condolences Omega. Cancer can just go suck it. You've been one of the nicest members here through the years. Really wish there's something more I can do and say that will make you feel better. We will all be here when you need us.
He passed today at 12:31am. Wouldn't wish this experience on anyone. Watching someone who you always knew as big and strong turn into a shadow of a shadow of their former self... Fuck cancer. I'm just relieved he isn't suffering anymore.

He died at home in his bed surrounded by my mom, sisters, and me.
Sorry to hear dude. At least you and family was there. You can think of all the awesome times together fondly!

My dad passed in hospital with covid. Wasn't even there to say goodbye :(
My condolences. I also just lost my dad to thyroid cancer on the 21st. He went to hospice just 4 days before he passed. He was a skeleton. Its hard to watch them deteriorate over the course of the year (was diagnosed a year ago), and how rapidly his condition worsened in just a couple days.
My sincere condolences Omega. I have a few family members and family friends who passed away due to cancer in the recent past years. It is so draining on not only the dying person but the whole family as it drags for years and years.

May he rest in peace.
My condolences as well. Lost both of my parents to cancer. Each of them sooner than expected before the grandkids could get there to see them.