Multiple Sony exclusives are coming to PC, God of War: Ragnarok next

They’re selling it full price in the US, but a few dollars less than you. I think ports ought to be cheaper too. It really is absurd.
This might be the game that I buy as I am supposed to be good w/ shooters w/ a m+k combo. :bleh:
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Release date: 26 Jul 2023

DirectStorage 1.2 support confirmed

French magazine Dealabs have claimed to have insider information that Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition will be released on PC later this year.
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EXCLUSIF : Cette exclusivité Playstation sortira bientôt sur PC


(from google translate) "According to our latest information, the Playstation exclusive that will be released on PC is none other than Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition. The game will be available as usual on Steam and Epic Games Store.​" (source)

If it comes out this year then that's sub 2 years, which is not too bad. I haven't played FW but the original was good. That said I expect this will be 70 USD :/
I'll definitely get ghost of tsushima in may, has been waiting for it for years... I wonder what took them so long for that title?
I wonder if they will put some lipstick on Tsushima or leave it as it is?

If it's just a straight port, then I'll probably settle for the much cheaper ps4/5 version.