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Need TVWonder Version 2 Software

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    Need TVWonder Version 2 Software

    I was wondering if there is any place I can get the TV Wonder version 2 software, as ATi has been quite tardy in delivering my free upgrade CD, and version 1 causes EzCD Creator to have a cow, so I cannot use the TVWonder in Windows. If anyone knows where I can obtain this software, I would be quite grateful if they could email me with the url or ftp where I could obtain it.

    email [email protected]

    System Specs
    Abit KT7 wt bios
    Duron 700
    256 MB PC 133 SDRAM
    SB Live X-Gamer 5.1
    Klipsch ProMedia v2.400
    Matrox G400 DH 32MB
    ATi TV Wonder
    Plextor PX-W8432 burner
    Toshiba SD-M1412 DVD ROM
    Maxtor 20 GB HD
    WinMe, Win2k, BeOS 5.0.3

    Hey Denty

    Good to see a fellow Matrox user in here Sorry, can't help you with your problem.



      That's what I get for using ATi hardware. J/K. The software is great, it even gives the option of using the TV picture as the wallpaper. I need to burn all the time and it won't peacefully coexist with EzCD Creator 4.03. Works pretty well in BeOS though.


        Originally posted by DentyCracker
        I need to burn all the time and it won't peacefully coexist with EzCD Creator 4.03.
        I doubt this a hardware issue. It's quite probably only a problem with the ATI player software (or whatever they call it in your specific case) that blindly overwrites two essential files in C:\Windows\System at install time. They are MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL.

        You can look for the originals on your win98 cd in one of the CAB files (don't remember which ones, and it depends on the version win98 vs win98SE - but I remember that looking backwards from the last CAB should be quicker).

        Assuming that the ATI software is still installed do as follows. Once you've found the files on your CD save them to a backup directory. Check that these original files have version numbers higher than what you currently have, then boot to DOS, rename the current files to, say, *.bak, and then copy the newer files to the above mentioned folder. Reboot to windows and it should now work ok. If it doesn't you can use the *.bak files to restore things to their previous state.

        I would expect this to work. I would also expect that the two new/original files will not be the very latest versions, but it'll be better than before. Several system patches or updates are likely to update these two files with even more recent ones (higher version numbers).

        Just remember in the future that ATI software (drivers likely excluded) often blindly overwrites these files with older ones, causing newer software to break. Just take backup copies of these two files before (re)installing the ATI software, and restore them manually after that (in DOS).

        Hope this helped.

        Regards, ../K
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          What I think I'll do is make a backup copy of those two files before installing the ATI software, and copy them back over before rebooting, or, if I can't do that, copy them over before going back into Windows. I am due a reinstallation anyway. What I recall happening is that this did not work. The first time I posted this topic (in the wrong forum) I had stated that I did not want to even consider solutions involving ver. 1 of the software because I remember jumping through some serious hoops in order to get the two software packages to coexist peacefully. If I installed the ATI Software first, the installing EzCD Creator caused the TV Wonder software to break, and reversing the order caused EzCD to be fuXx0r3D. I feel masochistic so I'll give it another try. Damn, I'm surprised I can't find a warez copy of version 2. And shame on ATi to force me to look for warez software for something that I legally bought. That is one of the reasons why no matter how good anyone says the Radeon is, I'll never buy one for myself. I'll recommend them to other people mark you with the proviso about ATi and driver support, but not for me.


            Weelll, a trip to windrivers shows TVWonder drivers ver 3.0. I'll try those out later when I get home and post back after that.


              They did not work for me, I got an error during the move file process. However if you have Windows Me or Windows2000 the beta drivers/software on ATI's site work. You must have directx8 installed. The install procedure that I used is as follows. Install latest videocard drivers (in my case it was w2k ver 5.33 and winme ver 6.23 for my Matrox G400). Install dx8. Download and install MMC7.1 beta from ati's special drivers section. Befroe running any of the programs it installs, you must run add new hardware and manually select "sound, video or other hardware" then specify the location of the drivers as the place where you decompressed the 8 MB file you dled from ATi. It will find a few new hardware devices. When it is finished you then reboot and if all goes well then you'll have the use of your TVWonder.

              Video capture is buggy I hear. Haven't done much myself though