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MMC help for a masochist?

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    MMC help for a masochist?

    I really can't believe I'm doing this again.

    I'm a long time AIW user who jumped ship about 9 months ago due to the problems we're all so familiar with. When my AIW X800 went up in smoke I sent it back and moved on with my life. 6 months later, still not having a replacement card for me, ATI sent me a two card solution. The Radeon isn't of any interest to me, but since everybody seems to really dig the 650, I'd like to give it a shot.

    The problem. It didn't come with a disk. I DL'd the drivers from their website, but no software is included. Not even a reference to the fact that software even exists. A google search for MMC tells me that 9.16 is probably the latest version, but who knows? Past experience tells me that drivers/mmc are very version specific so I don't know if any old MMC will work now.

    Do these things still use MMC? Is 9.16 the latest? Should I be prepared for MMC to still suck? Since the drivers installed with no problems (at least one thing has improved), do I still need to install 3 or 4 other things; DAO/MDAC, encoder? Will they allow the user to disable VOD yet? Is there still an annoying delay?

    Sorry if this comes across as being a pest, but I've been out of the loop for a while and ATI's website is really not the place to gain information, as I'm sure you all know. Just looking for a little experienced insight. Muchas Gracias.

    MMC won't work with the 650. You'll have to get your hands on Catalyst Media Center (through the online store or elsewhere) or use Vista Media Center. Another alternative would be a third-party solution.


      MMC will work with the 650 pci, at least with the drivers from December, 07, but you might run into problems with the latest MMC download refusing to install without an AIW - at least that's my experience. It was making MMC work with the 550/650 that broke MMC for the AIW line. And yes, you have to install the other apps that are listed on the MMC download page in order for MMC to work. If you find MMC will not install without an ATI VIVO graphics card, you *might* try an older version, & if that will install update MMC, search on-line for a hack or work-a-round etc.

      The good news is the 550/600/650 devices are so common now that just about all the other capture &/or HTPC software should work... there are loads of alternatives. A lot of folks here like Beyond TV, & GB-PVR will get you QAM, but the list of available programs is really pretty long. The card also should work with many of the online streaming apps like Cyberlink Live. WatchHDTV is a nice alternative for OTA HD viewing & capture, if it's not built-in to whatever program(s) you choose - personally I'd not bother with ATI CMC.


        Just the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks.

        Now for the follow ups. Is CMC any good? Most of the 3rd party aps are far too cumbersome for my needs. I just want to be able to quickly open a window that will allow me capture a feed from a composite source. MMC was perfect for that (except for the hangs, crashes, missed recordings, etc.). I liked GB-PVR a lot, but it's overkill for me now. Honestly, from what I can tell, it looks like CMC might be just as involved as the others, now.

        I can raise some hell with ATI about giving me the software (after all, they replaced my card with one that requires different software) but if it's not gonna help me then I won't bother. BTW, It would also be nice to have MMCs file player back. I assume that's in CMC?

        Thanks again.


          I too liked MMC and for me personally, CMC fills the bill. It works for both XP and Vista (at least the newer version does). I capture from a composite source as well and the quality is excellent.

          There is a player included and it works nicely.

          You will probably want to create your own capture preset as the default one for "Best" will break up captures into smaller files.

          Enjoy your new card!


            Originally posted by x-tech View Post
            I too liked MMC and for me personally, CMC fills the bill. It works for both XP and Vista (at least the newer version does). I capture from a composite source as well and the quality is excellent.
            That's what I wanted to here. Does it happen to have a streamlined interface for capture, or is it all one giant media center? It does look like CMC is a whole different animal than MMC.


              The interface is different than MMC but you get used to it quickly. It's based on Cyberlink's PowerCinema, if you have ever seen that.

              CMC has been trouble-free for me and that is such a relief considering the issues I experienced with the later versions of MMC.

              If you do end up trying it, let us know how it works out for you.


                Is it possible to download the newer version of CMC?


                  Not that I'm aware of.

                  I just checked AMD's online store and I couldn't find the CD for the newer CMC listed (the older one is listed as 180-V01118-100). The part number on my CD is 180-V01123-100 and it is definitely the newer version.


                    Originally posted by x-tech View Post
                    ...I just checked AMD's online store and I couldn't find the CD for the newer CMC listed (the older one is listed as 180-V01118-100)...
                    I have to wonder if AMD/ATI will *ever* sell the CD with the newer version of CMC via their online store.

                    The TV Wonder 650 PCI cards, 550 PCI card, and AIW 2006 cards I purchased were all ATI-branded (packaged). I could be wrong, of course, but it sure appears as if the only install CDs that are available online are for products that are (or were) ATI-branded - not VisionTek, Diamond, et al - and I have yet to see any of the new tuner cards/devices in ATI packaging.

                    Regardless, the new version of CMC has been out for one heck of a long time. I'm starting to suspect that since they haven't made it available via their online store by this time, they will never do so.


                      Funny the thread should turn to this question. My response from ATI:

                      A CD should have shipped to you from Shop ATI, there is no way to download the software you have to have a physical CD.
                      I will request an order be put through for it now and you should have it shortly.

                      Truth be told, I'll probably install all this on a scratch partition just to check it out, but I doubt I'm gonna want to really try to use it. I don't need any more ATI headaches, I'm not that big a masochist.


                        “...I just want to be able to quickly open a window that will allow me capture a feed from a composite source....”

                        For ATSC OTA I found Watch HDTV to be a great, quick capture app. For analog capture via composite or tuner, the quickest & easiest programs were included in Nero & Roxio, though you don’t have a lot of freedom when it comes to settings. For recording QAM I like GB-PVR. Vista MC is nice, but you have to buy a remote with IR Blaster before you can record composite.

                        Otherwise a lot of folks are using programs like Vlan, which while primarily known as a player, can do capture and streaming. While these players with added capabilities can be harder to set up for capture &/or streaming, once you figure them out, you don’t have all the extra baggage from a PVR, & their footprint on your PC is pretty small.

                        I agree that a full PVR/DVR app can be overkill, but they may still be the best choice, particularly in XP, and there are several to choose from. Last I checked (which was a while ago), Myth TV developers were working on quite a few enhancements including easy install & QAM. Beyond TV & Sage TV have quite a few fans, while Total Media seems to be getting better. Over at I found a Linux HTPC CD that’s interesting - you boot into a pre-configured Linux HTPC set-up from CD.

                        FWIW, IMHO going from MMC when it worked to CMC: CMC is sluggish, a relative pain to set your recording specs, CC sux, I had problems with the guide & it’s related services, & the multiple Cyberlink Direct Show filters gave me grief with some other video/TV programs. OTOH a couple of those Direct Show filters do come in handy, & I do find it useful to have CMC installed for XP - I just have the Cyberlink services on manual & never use it.