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tv wonder pro probs

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    tv wonder pro probs

    I have lost the cd for my tv wonder pro, but i have downloaded the latest driver from ati, and all of the multimedia software, but to no avail i cant get tv to work. i have my cable plugged into the card and sound plugged in, but it always tells me to check my device manager to make sure the hardware is properly installed. It is listed and installed correctly.

    I have tried clean install

    1. tv_wonder_pro_wdm
    2. 9-14_mmc_uci
    3. atiCDwiz (installed, but does nothing since i dont have cd)
    4. 6-12_xcode_38463 (fails saying im missing components which is required for an install)
    5. 9-16_mmc_enu

    that is the order i install, restarting when it prompts me, but it always fails when i start tv. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    system specs
    amd 6400 x2
    200g sata hd
    geforce 9600gt
    3gig ddr2 ram
    samsung viewmaster 906bw

    forgot to mention im on
    Windows XP Home
    Service Pack 3


      also i have tried a bare clean install, erasing all files and cleaning out registry.


        You can buy the CD at ATI Store for $12.95 plus shipping. Click on the shop ATI link, then click on software. There are 3 pages of Installation CD's, I think your's is listed. Good luck.


          Back up on the MMC version you're using & same with drivers?

          Clean all ATI entries from registry (see threads on driver cleaners)?

          Try to see if card is working using other software, like VirtualDub?