i'm new here so please be gentle
here's why i need some help from the pro's:

i've built a computer based on the asus m2a-vm hdmi board. It has integrated onboard radeon xpress 1250 graphics. I will be using it for playback of music / dvds / pictures on my tv using mediaportal.
i currently have a rather old tv-set, so i want to use the regular tv-out (composite, the typical yellow cinch plug) to send the signal to my tv. That's were things go wrong btw

first i'll try give you the things i have tried before posting this:

- the tv-out is on an additional hdmi module (pci-e x16), i enabled that in the bios. Afterwards, i installed the shipped drivers for that module in windowsxp
- another cable (both cables i've tested do work using another computer with older graphic card)
- installed latest catalyst drivers from the amd website (1200series), ver.7.8
- upgraded mobo bios to the latest available (1101)

in the eventual setup, only the tv / stereo / remote should be connected to the system. while installing and configuring, i first had an LCD monitor connected on the vga output. After a while (= many many hours) i discovered i was not able to enable the tv while being connected on the vga interface. i now have my lcd connected through dvi, ccc recognizes my tv and i can use the clone option without catalyst disabling the second screen over and over again

nevertheless, my tv-screen stays black. i'm using 800x600 resolution / 16bit color / 60 Hz, as i've read about older tv-s not supporting any higher
specs. In the catalyst center i specified my region settings (pal/b), still doesn't do the trick.

i don't immediately know what else i can tweak, and besides the ones i found i can't find any other clear howtos on this matter

soooooooo, is there anyone willing to give this a go?
appreciate it!