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AIW X800GT driver problem

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    AIW X800GT driver problem

    I have problem with my new AIW x800GT...

    Drivers exactly because I have used now Catalyst 6.8 drivers (Only what can get Digi tv to use). Newer 7.7 don't install because there is no hardware to support drivers :-) And also analogical tv don't work at all (with any tested drivers) . MMC what I have used is 9.08/9.09 because newer don't work (like MMC 9.16).

    I did get this card from eBays Retekdirect ( ) and it is new. I have also inform them about this problem as also that it is NTSC card, not PAL card as it shout be and I have wanted them to send me real PAL card to replace it before I send this back (because I use card to record every date so there is cap if I send it first).

    Do somebody have solution to this problem? Some ATI testing program what
    test if card is fine or something? Or best combination of drivers & MMC? My old AIW9800SE:s only drivers & MMC what work it was from CD what game with card but I can't get this card work with drivers from CD what game with it at all...

    Information about card:
    Internal DAC(400MHz) 128MB
    Bios: 113-A54305-102

    On cd have these versions of software (these don't work) :
    Drivers 27.05.2005
    MMC 9.09

    mainboard AsRock DualSata2 (939) (bios 2.2)
    CPU: AMD 64 3500+
    Mem: 2xBuffalo 512MB = 1GB
    XP Home sp2
    Computing since 1983...
    AsRock DualSata2, AMD 64 3500+, 1Gb 400MHz, 920Gb, LG GSA-4040B, AIW X800 GT 128Mb, XP Home SP2