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Can anyone with a X1900 capture at 720x480?

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    Can anyone with a X1900 capture at 720x480?

    Cuz I can't...

    Anything higher than 240 in vertical resolution fails to deinterlace while being captured. In preview everything looks fine, but streaming or capturing doesn't deinterlace for me. I've used 6.5 to 7.3 in drivers.
    The coin is still turning.

    IF it helps at all...

    Generally captures from an interlaced source (i.e. TV signal etc) aren't automatically de-interlaced -- if the results are going to be viewed on a SD TV you need the interlacing. MMC does provide the option with software capture encoding (it may work or not), and you might find it on some other capture apps. Otherwise you'll have to process your captured video to de-interlace it and re-encode, which usually gives a bit more quality anyway.

    For streaming AFAIK you can send the original signal but much (most?) of the time a normally progressive format like wmv, mp4, or real etc. is used -- the signal is captured directly into that format & the result streamed.

    For preview &/or display most players & video apps automatically de-interlace, either themselves or through the display drivers. If you look in CCC you can set the type of de-interlacing used, or turn it off.

    Please bear in mind that not all de-interlacing software or software routines are created equal... it's quite possible to have de-interlaced video with a lot of artifacts that looks more interlaced than, well, the original interlaced picture.
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