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AiW 8500DV + MCE 2005, what Catalyst to use?

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    AiW 8500DV + MCE 2005, what Catalyst to use?

    First, I know that the tuner in the 8500DV won't work with MCE, nor do I intent to make it work. I have a different issue:

    When I play videos in Media Center, the colors change in some frames. For example, in a video with a white background, some frame will show the background with a yellow tint and then go back to pure white.

    The changes are constant; it happens in the same frames and the same color variation is shown.

    Here is an example:


    Windows Media Player:

    As you can see, the colors are different in each instance. The fluctuation I talk about is like going from the grayish colors to the accurate ones like every 10 frames or so. In some videos the colors go from yellowish to normal, and in some the color "hops" are way crazy, like one frame is yellowish, the next set of frames are reddish and so fort. It happens in both window mode and full screen mode.

    The setup:
    ATi AiW 8500DV, connected to a TV at 640x432 by component
    MSI PM8M-V (VIA P4M800 chipset)
    Catalyst 6.11 (Media Center Edition release for Pre-R300 cards
    K-Lite codec pack 3.20

    I have tried:
    1. Installing RollUp update 2
    Did nothing.

    2. Playing the files in Windows Media Player 10.
    The files play ok, with no color fluctuation (as shown in the pics above) and the colors are accurate.

    3. Connecting the HTPC to a monitor at 1024x768.
    Same thing, MC shows messed up colors and WMP plays them fine. The TV isn't a factor.

    4. Uninstalling the codec pack
    No changes. The codec pack isn't a factor either.

    5. Installing a game to see if all DirectX applications had this problem.
    The game's colors are accurate.

    6. Running dxdiag
    No errors.

    7. Rolling back to Cat6.5 and Cat6.2 (previous drivers used with the 8500DV on an XP machine).
    Media Center warns that the "display drivers aren't compatible with Media Center". It then runs but the menu transitions are turned off. The colors are still messed up.

    8. Disabling hardware acceleration.
    Media Center refuses to run.

    I downloaded the MCE diagnostic kit and it issues warnings in the D3D9 ("optionals not met") and Content Protection ("not supported") categories and a failure in the "screen resolution" category (640x432, interlaced vs 1024x768 required), but I've already determined that the resolution isn't a factor. All tests passed, except the COPP test. Sadly, the documentation doesn't state what do the COPP test do, neither why would my card fail it.

    The "Optionals not met" under D3D9 are these:

    At first I thought that my problem was because the 8500DV is DX8, but I've seen posts here and in other forums with people using other DX8 cards (AiW 9000, Radeon 9200, 9250, IGP9100).

    I'd like to know, which Catalyst do other DX8 card owners use with MCE? Or, what else can I do to correct this issue?