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ATI AIW 2006 PCIE and AC Silencer 4

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    ATI AIW 2006 PCIE and AC Silencer 4

    Just some weekend fun, installing ArcticCooling Silencer 4 on an ATI AIW 2006 PCIE card:

    on sale, $9.99 USD - as of June 30, 2007
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    CURRENT: (mild OC)
    P5W DH Deluxe Rev 1.02G/66MOAG (BIOS: 2205); CPU: QX6700 (wk 35) @ 3.0G; FSB: 300
    MEMORY: OCZ OCZ2G11002GK 2x1gB or 4x1gB PC2-8800; vDIMM = 2.15vdc; 500mhz; 3:5; 5-6-6-15/18; 6050/6027
    HSF: Thermalright SI-128 w/120mm; LOADED TEMPS: CPU: 53.8c/129f; Cores(avg): 73c/163f; MEM: 44.8c/112.8f; AMB: 20c/68f
    GFX: AIW 2006 Edition PCIE; PSU: Seasonic S-12 80+ 550W; FANS: 3 x 120mm; 2 x 80mm (all low RPM, low noise)
    DRIVES: 7200.10 250G (x2); 7K500 500G (x1); 7200.10 400G (x2); 7200.10 250G (x1)
    OPTICAL: LiteOn: LH-18A1P and LH-20A1H BUILD LINK: