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TV still has mono sound

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    TV still has mono sound


    Am I the only one with this problem? Could someone offer a solution?

    I use Windows XP, Sapphire Theatrix (T550p) and MMC 9.15 and the sound from TV is mono since i don't know how many driver versions.. the sound is also mono in PowerCinema 3, 4, 5 and in XP media center - so i guess it's not software but driver problem.

    So i use the last driver that works stereo, but I'd like to know if anyone else has this problem?

    PAL-B version

    tnx for your replies..

    I have the same mono sound problem with a PAL card and, unfortunately, cannot offer a solution


      Stereo support Theater550PAL

      Dear Therater 550 User from Ljublijana,

      Sorry to have no solution because I have never seen stereo with this card,
      regardless of driver version.

      But you could help us poor Ati users...

      If you ever had an stereo supporting driver please let us know the version number and source (which CD..) here so that we could try it with our cards.

      I am sitting in another PAL country in your neighborhood and have three AIW and one Theater 550.

      But have to express that because of stereo issue and many other MMC issues I will never ever buy another ATI product again,

      They support the newest and best copy protection but don,t offer WORKING BASIC FUNCTIONS !

      Thank you for info


        The driver i have is, and all drivers prior to this one have stereo sound for me.. This driver was not officially released, but have leaked with some version of the catalyst package (i don't remember which exactly).

        if u want, i can send the driver install to you by e-mail, just send me a PM..