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Radeon x1950xt 256mb

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    Radeon x1950xt 256mb


    I am new to this board and when i did some searching i could not find any solution to my problem, so i ask you guys instead.

    I have just bought a new graphicas card. A powercolor ATI Radeon x1950xt card with 256 mb of ram. I installed it and everything seems to be running ok until i shut the computer off.

    When i try to start it again the fan of the graphicscard runs at maximum revs and i dont get any signal to my screen which keeps staying in powersave mode.

    I can start the computer again if i use use the powerswitch on the poweradapter but not if i use the button on the frontside of the case.

    I have tried with different drivers, right now i am running with 7.1 since 7.2 gives me problem with the videosettings in the catalyst control center (the same problem as another user described, the video preview in the catalyst control center is static it does not move as it should.)

    Is my problem related to the graphicscard or does something else cause this behaviour??

    Thanks for any help.

    Complete system specs please....psu and all!