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Can't get 9800 aiw tv to work unless i use 5.10 cats

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    Can't get 9800 aiw tv to work unless i use 5.10 cats

    So i've tried the latest and skipped a few releases on the cats from 7.2 to 6.13 to 6.0 all the way back to the 5.10 cats and those are the only ones that will work.. Any driver that wants to install the AVS T200 unified driver it just won't work.. it needs the folder NSP or wahtever for the wdm or i get TV Tuner not found.. Is there an updated driver i can use so i'm not using a driver from 2004?? I just can't understand why they have support for it when you download the lastest drivers for it yet I can't get it to work.. thanks for any help on such an outdated card but if it ain't broke.. don't fix it... cept the catalyst of course.. :P
    AMD 5200+ X2 dual core
    2gb ATI OCZ 800mhz Crossfire edition
    MSI K9A Platinum 3200 xpress
    X1900 XTX
    Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS
    74gb WD Raptor 10000rpm
    200gb WD SATA 7200rpm
    120gb Seagate IDE 7200rpm 8mb
    520w Maddog power supply

    On the bright side.. it works!!

    You can install any CAT video driver but use the advanced install and don't let it install the newer WDM. I only allow the vid driver, you may want some of that other stuff that it tries to install.

    Set a system restore mark first.
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