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Water Cooling - x1900 AIW

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    Water Cooling - x1900 AIW


    Here are the specs of my Media Center PC I'm referring to:
    • Windows Media Center Edition
    • Pentium 4 [LGA775 3.0GHz Dual Core]
    • ECS Elite Group MotherBoard [Cheap MoBo, works great]
    • 1GB Dual Channel Memory Patriot [Works great]
    • 300GB SATA Maxtor HDD [1.5Gb/s]
    • 500 WATT Antec Smart Power PSU
    • DVD+R/RW Optical Drive
    • Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Soundcard
    • D-Link Wireless PCI Card [802.1 B/G]
    It is a little loud for my liking and I am looking to stop that. Also, its a little too hot for the space it is in.
    I, of course, am looking to water-cool the entire PC, including the CPU and GPU. The only thing is, Its an x1900 All-In-Wonder. Can the water blocks which are used for x1900 xt cards be used the same way an for an x1900 All-In-Wonder? Also, do the GPU water blocks replace the heatsink? Or, do they sit on the backside of the card? I'm not sure where I saw it, but I though I saw it somewhere. Please let me know!
    Also, please give me any recommendations on reservoirs, pumps, radiators, or any other water cooling related part. Thanks!


    A good place to fill your water cooling needs is Bought my cpu and gpu water blocks there. They should be able to answer your questions!


      If you only want to cool the AIW X1900 video card then you might want to look at the "Thermaltake Tide Water" product.

      3DGAMEMAN has a video showing the "Thermaltake Tide Water" product in action and guess what.. the ATI AIW X1900 card was the one they used for the video.

      The lowest price for the "Thermaltake Tide Water" product is about $60.00.

      If you really want to go all water cooled then you could start with a case which has water cooling already installed.

      Swiftech Quiet Power P180 Liquid Cooling System with Antec P180B case - Retail


      Video Review

      Oh... My case which is really a great case.
      Thermaltake Tai-Chi VB5001SNA Black/Silver Aluminum Extrusion ATX Full Tower Computer Case with liquid cooling system - Retail


      While the Tai-Chi does not come with a VGA waterblock there are kits such as the ones at DangerDen that can be used.
      No longer here


        Case Space

        Thanks for all of that info. That TideWater cooling kit looks really good, but unfortunately, I don't have very much room in my case for it. I'm building a Media Center PC for my parents and it has to be small. If I buy the parts separately, I can fit them together. I just need to know if it is possible to take a normal GPU water-block and put it on an x1900 AIW. The water-block I'm looking at is:

        I only have room for one more PCI slot and I'm about to fill it up. I'm hoping this cooler will not take another pci slot and will do the trick. I'm also looking to water cool my CPU as well.


          I don't believe that will fit the aiw1900. I used this one on mine.

          Worked like a charm. I use in on my Tai Chi case.


            A Little Small

            That water block seems a little small, but if you say it works, I believe you. One thing, does it take up the PCI slot next to it? The thing is, I need that slot for another card and it has to go right next to the PCI-E slot. Do the water connectors take up space which is needed for that other PCI slot?


              Yeah, they use that space. Koolance has another one that is a lower profile.


                I just measured the one in the link, it's roughly 1.25 inches.

                Check the Koolance website or email them to see how tall the low profile design is.


                  This one work?

                  Will this work?


                    According to their website, no.


                    If you look at your card, the tuner sticks up above the memory chips.

                    Check out the GPU-180-H06