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Help with AGP Acceleration

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    Help with AGP Acceleration

    I bought a new game for my laptop which is a newer model I have been able to run other games like Sims, and I bought Desperate Housewives the game and it won't play in my computer. When I go to the DirectX page(I have 9.0) the AGP Acceleration is blanked out and I can't enable it, I have updated my videocard drives and I have read some of the stuff here but it is all very confusing. I need some one to help me step by step to figure out how to install or get this AGP working. I am running Windows XP Home edition my video card is Mobile Intel(R)915GMS,910GML Express Chip Family. I checked and I do have ACPI uniprocessor PC. Anyone out there that can explain to me step by step in real people terms how I can fix this or if there is a fix???


    i cant help you, but i do know that AGP texture acceleration is not always available with onboard type video chip things like what might be in a laptop.

    did the rest of the test of DirectX pass , can you see the spinning cube thing?

    can you get into your BIOS for your computer (hit DEL at turn on) and see what the AGP aperature is set for.

    games are so complex and falable now , adding in trying to work with the myriad of stuff that MS tosses into the mix, that they often have a LOG or a FAULT log or Error file. try and find any logs in the desperate housewives folder, and see if you can get a error statement from an error log. some small text type of files that you can view by opeining into a notepad.
    while errors on MS PCs are practically useless, a games error log can often tell what ITEM failed.

    then tell MORE.

    1) does it fully install with no errors?

    2) do the first Movies play, you know any LOGO movies usually play first, and if THAT is where it stops, its not even doing 3D yet, its some movie codec and settings, and stuff related to direct play , and video capability.

    3) do you get to any of the main menu or configuration screens?

    4) and finnally does it fail when it tries to go into Full actual 3D modes?

    if you did a directx diagnosis , then you did the smartest thing you could do first when having a problem like this. i just dont know if special AGP accelerations, or memory sharing techiques are available with onboard chip things? so that might not be The problem.
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      There is no fix for that with that chipset. With Intel Integrated Graphics, that feature is not available in DirectX 8.1 or later. Also, that is a PCI-E graphics solution, so AGP Texture Acceleration isn't really relevant.