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New Vista ATI Drivers

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    New Vista ATI Drivers

    Get em if you need em!!!

    Should work for RTM and RC2,....not sure about other versions,...

    Note: The following ATI features are not supported in the Catalyst® Vista RTM driver for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system:
    · CrossFire™
    · Catalyst® Control Center Video aspect page
    · OpenGL
    · VIVO support
    · The capture driver for these products is not being updated at this time

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    I take heart in the bit about "at this time", which, taken face value, kind of implies that at some LATER time, they might eventually address some or all of these limitations. I'm guessing that they will, for no other reason than that they're probably not looking to alienate a huge installed base of users (along with Microsoft) and give them a reason to put off upgrading to Vista.

    Why they chose to defer this is beyond me, though. I'm sure they had their reasons. I can only hope that they were real and legitimate. E.g. AMD was unhappy with the existing programming team and decided to make some major changes before undertaking new projects (my understanding that they laid off the entire AIW team tends to support this). Or, various technical issues with the RTM version of Vista made supporting some of these features very difficult.

    Who knows. But until they support these features (well, AIW tuner support in my case), I'm probably not upgrading to Vista. Seems the safer thing to do anyway.
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