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Any solution to convert VCR files with regular 1650 pro card?

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    Any solution to convert VCR files with regular 1650 pro card?

    The story. I had radeon 9800SE AIW which I used to record some TV-shows and some video camera films to computer. Files produced were VCR files which I could then convert AVI container format with MP4 encoding using ATI multimedia center media library application. Then the 9800SE broke and I bought regular radeon 1650 pro. I have downloaded AVIVO package and can watch those VCR files but I can't any more convert them to AVI format using mp4 encoding because I have reinstalled my windows system.

    I have tried to install multimediacenter package which is meant to those AIW cards but it doesn't seem to install.

    Is ATI offering me any solution to this conversion problem? If not what is your suggestion ?

    My card is a retail verion of club3d 1650 pro and CD contains all kinds of cuberlink DVD software but none of them ( by quick look ) doesn't seem to be able to convert those VCR files to anything.

    I would be thankfull for working solutions.

    “Catalyst Media Center ” can do this conversion for you. Its not for sale now but supposedly in the near future it will be for those who don’t have it and want it (price unknown). Those who already have “Catalyst Media Center ” will be offered a free upgrade soon as well.

    The ATI Home Theater Edition CD $39.95 with SONIC MyDVD for ATI 4.5.2 - CD and DVD burning might do the trick as well.

    There was also a hacked version of the AVIVO converter that was going around. It could be installed on just about any system because the artificial requirement of an X1000 series card were removed.

    And MMC,….

    that’s all that comes to mind right now,….

    BTW, the AVIVO converter seemed to install just fine on my MCE 2K5 system with X800XL video card,….maybe that was only for MCE based systems because the interface was only available VIA MCE.


    Catalyst Media Center correction for Catalyst Control Center
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      If Agustus' suggestions don't work, & if you can get the individual MMC files registered in Windows (I think the main one you're after is atidvcr.dll), then you should be able to cobble something together in graphedit. Otherwise I haven't had any luck outside of the MMC Library.

      Being of sometimes questionable ethics however, personally I'd consider a retail purchase & return down the street.