I was sure I posted this message, but now I cann't fina it anymore, so possibly I didn't click the post button. so here it goes:

My brothers TV is busted, he doesn't have the money to buy a new one atm, so he wnts to use his X800XT ViVo for this.

I tried to use the standard movie maker in Windows XP but it keeps saying it doesn't recognise the video standard and I have to check if the hardware is supported. I try to set it manually, same message. After I have chosen the right settings (PAL /B) virtualdub and ATi TV display the signal correctly, before setting it in movie maker it is B/W and flickery. SO OK I want it to watch TV, no problem if I have to use this method after every reboot since it's only for a short period of time.

Because virtualdub isn't a very handy program for only watching (window size adjustment isn't very easy) I want to use the ATi TV program, but it keeps screaming "No Signal" while in the background you can see it perfectly, and also the sound is almost perfect. Kind of weird situation.

When I install MMC it does say something about UCI not installed, but when I install the cards drivers you can see UCI is getting installed (what is UCI anyway?) could this be the problem, and wha tis a possible solution?

Windows XP Home SP2
Catalyst 6.10 BETA
ATi MMC 9.15

Is there perhaps another easy to use program to watch and record the tv signal it recieves from the VCR? I wanted to change the settings, but in ATiMMC the ATI unified AVstream thingy the configure button is grayed out.
I tried Beyond TV, but that's really for a tuner card and askes to many questions I cann't reply to because of this and thus, doesn't work Only thing I want to do is display the input taken from the VCR.

BTW, I tried mediaplayerclasic, which does the job, but the screen gets squashed in height/streched in width and very flickery, and it reports 50 FPS, so my guess is, it doesn't show the interlaced image in virtualdub the image was also flickery, but once I set it to 25 FPS everything is how it should be. if only the window was easier to manage.

So tried some lose programs, but all have problems

any help would REALLY be appreciated!

tnx in advance!