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Help with using graphedit to stream Audio Out to Line in

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    Help with using graphedit to stream Audio Out to Line in

    Ok what I'm trying to do is use Graph edit to stream audio out to the line in on my sound card. My friend said graph edit could do it, and after seeing the multitude of docs I don't even know where to start.

    First of all is it even possible? Just wonder if anyone can help me out, and if graphedit can't do it can you point me to something that can. I'm trying to set up and internet radio station and I don't want to have to fiddle with two sound cards to stream the audio out to line in. Besides on top of it I still need the real audio out to give me sound so I can hear my radio cohost. Thanks for the help if it's even possible.


    Not sure which hardware/software you're using, but with ATI generally in Graphedit you have your tuner -> crossbar -> capture -> video renderer 9 for video. Audio (T200) goes from tuner -> Audio tuner -> crossbar -> capture -> direct sound render device (catagory a bit above direct show listing in Graphedit).

    Maybe that'll help?