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AIW 9800 TV Tuner Picture Freezes But Sound Continues

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    AIW 9800 TV Tuner Picture Freezes But Sound Continues

    Am I looking at a hardware failure scenario here for my older AIW 9800

    - ATI AIW 9800 Pro 128mb (purchased and registered new retail-box March 2004)
    - North America NTSC Tuner
    - Not using Remote Wonder
    - Windows XP Pro
    - P4-3.0 Northwood
    - Intel 865PE Chipset Motherboard
    - 1 GB RAM
    - SB Audigy
    - Case Temp - Idle 38C and Max 43C
    - CPU Temp - Idle 48C and Max 60C
    - 500W Power Supply's +12v Range: 11.58v - 11.74v
    - 19" LCD monitor on digital connector
    - System used lightly mostly for business apps and Never OC'd
    - No real trouble since I added the new AIW 9800 in March 2004

    After trouble-free TV tuner operation with Cat 5.6/CCC and MCC 9.03, I made a jump to Cat 6.5 and MCC 9.14 last week using the detailed procedures posted on this board to thoroughly clean out the old ATI drivers (including the registry).

    For me, these Cat 6.5 / MCC 9.14 proved to be a mistake due to poor TV picture and sound quality when used with my oldie (but goodie) AIW 9800 analog tuner. This appears to be a similar problem described in many other thread on this board ... I should have researched our site here more before updating my drivers.

    Anyway, I thoroughly uninstalled everything again, and tried the Cat 6.2 / MCC 9.08 combination as recommended by others here for the older AIW's .... and all was well again for about a week.

    At some point during the later part of that 'good' week, I upgrade my original Creative SB Audigy sound drivers (from 2003) to their latest 2006 drivers and installed a new MS wireless keyboard and mouse using MS Intellipoint 5.5 and Intellitype Pro 5.5 software. The only bug I noticed immediately after those installations was that my HID Input Service can no longer load (from looking at Event Viewer). But since everything seemed to be working, I shrugged that off.

    However, I had not yet double-checked my TV tuner. A couple of days after installing the new keyboard/mouse/sound drivers, I finally got around to trying the TV tuner and things started going downhill from there:

    My TV tuner suddenly started freeze-framing at about 0.5 seconds after the TV application is opened. The sound continues okay but the picture is frozen on the last frame (like you were paused on a DVD). This happens on all inputs (TV tuner, composite and S-Video).

    When I change channels, the sound will change with the channel, but the picture frame remains frozen on that first frame that stuck upon startup. If I try On-Demand, the picture and sound go blank momentarily and a new frozen frame appears and the sound becomes stuttered. Stopping On-Demand generates another new frozen frame and the sound returns to normal.

    When I try the recording button, the recording panel opens, the TV picture goes blank, the sound becomes stuttered for a few seconds and then stops completely and the recording panel timer stays at 0:00. When I stop the recording the TV picture returns and then freeze-frames again, but the sound continues clear again.

    The good news (I guess) is that the tuner application does not lock up and there are no new error messages in my Windows XP Event Viewer. Plus, all the normal sound and video device appear normally in Device Manager including the six ATI WDM devices.

    Here are all the things I have tried so far with no luck:

    1. Several different combos of Cats and MCC from 6.2/9.08 all the way back to 5.3/9.03, including my original 5.6/9.03 combo that I'm using now without much luck;

    2. Unistalling the ATI WDMs in Device Manange and rescanning for new devices;

    3. Running Scannow /Fix for corrupted Windows components;

    4. Removing my AIW 9800 and using compressed air to dust it off;

    5. Uninstalling the new wireless keyboard and mouse software;

    6. Going back to my older 2003 SB Audigy drivers;

    Any thoughts or suggestion would be greatly appreciated ... Thanks

    Just one....

    Turn off AGP Fast-Writes if they are enabled.
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      Originally posted by grog
      Just one....

      Turn off AGP Fast-Writes if they are enabled.
      Nah ... it wasn't Fast-Writes .... it was something else. My board is lucky to be among the 5% of boards out there that got the implementation of Fast-Writes right. For me, Fast-Writes really improves overall system performance with no instability.

      As for my AIW 9800 Tuner problem, I forgot that I had long ago kicked down my WDM Rage Theater and Video devices back to the older SP WDM drivers (available for separate download under ATI's Cat 5.1 and 5.2 download links). These babies appear to keep the sound processing fully analog and thus reduce my CPU utilization rate and get my audio back in synch with the other TV in the room and that's why I had used them.

      As soon as I changed to them back via Device Manger (without uninstalling anything else, everything was fine again like before).

      So I'm back again to using Cat 5.6 with SP WDM drivers (v6246) for the two WDM Rage Theater Video and Audio devices plus MCC 9.03.

      The old addage still holds true ... If it ain't broke, don't mess with it!