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TV is not as loud as everything else

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    TV is not as loud as everything else

    Hello all, just got MCE 2005, got it all set up, and running nicely. The only problem I have is the TV isn't as loud as everything else, even the FM radio, I'm using WinDVD 4.0 (2 ch. OEM version) for the TV and dvd. DVDs play fine, it's not really a big deal, but when I click on something else, people down the street can probably hear it.

    Thanks in advance for any help, system is listed below.

    Running the 6.3 CCC, and 6.3 drivers for TV
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    No one can help it. ATI rules.
    All you can do is pump the Hi-Fi volume up during TV and FM, remember to turn it down after finishing using.
    I know it is hard to get used to it, it has been a year or two now for me, I can't remember turn the volume down after using it.
    Something to laugh about is the volume control on the MMC TV/FM, in Windows Movie Maker's video capture, there is an audio meter to tell your current audio signal strength, launch the MMC FM, and have a look at the wave meter reading, see how weak the signal strength is, it can't get higher than 50% of the meter.
    An equalizer helps to bring it high, but remember ATI is using the wave audio channel for TV/FM, your mp3/wave and other MPEG audio would then became too loud as well, therefore it isn't a solution for it.
    ATI said the Theater 200 has features such as Programmable Volume/Mute control, Automatic Volume Control maintains constant volume even as volume of incoming signal varies.......
    Now if you ask them why, they might say "Sorry, it is a discontinued ATI product, we don't give technical support on it anymore", END.