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Latest ATI DVD/DTV Decoder will not install

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    Latest ATI DVD/DTV Decoder will not install

    I've already posted at AVS Forum and sent a ticket to ATI about the following, but I haven't gotten any answers yet, so I'll try here.

    I am trying to upgrade to MMC 9.08; all of the latest ATI updates except the Decoder install without a hitch. The updater wizard has no trouble downloading the setup file and starting it up, but the setup file gives up after "Preparing to Install..." and tells me that it needs to be run from the "ATI DVD WEB Wizard." Well, I've been doing that, haven't I? I've done a complete ATI uninstall at least twice, cleaned the registry, and redownloaded both the wizard and setup, but nothing seems to do any good. Does anybody know how to fix this?
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    Installshield is easily confused.

    Try uninstalling any older Decoder before you install the new one.

    The latest decoder has seriously broken multichannel downmix, so you might want to stay with the one you have.
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      Originally posted by ArcCoyote
      Installshield is easily confused.

      Try uninstalling any older Decoder before you install the new one.
      I did that before I tried installing the first time.

      The latest decoder has seriously broken multichannel downmix, so you might want to stay with the one you have.
      Since I got rid of the 9.06-era decoder in order to set up the new one, the only decoder left is the original one on the install CD (which does not work well at all), unless anybody might have the 9.06 decoder file. (crosses fingers)

      I'm looking at InstallShield's site to see if their program has something to do with it.


        This is the first time I have heard anyone with a problem with the DTV Decoder failing to install but downloads the setup.exe file.

        I do have a few things you can check but this is just plain strange.

        1.) Are you running Windows XP Service Pack 2? It is required!
        Note: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c is part of this package and is also required. REMOTE WONDER Software Version or higher is also required.

        2.) Was the DAO / MDAC installed? It is required to be installed before the decoder.

        3.) Did you next install the HDTV WONDER Drivers?

        4.) Now you install the DTV Decoder

        The ATI Decoder will add registry entries as well as files to the following directory during the install:

        C:\Program Files\Common Files\CyberLink

        You could uninstall the ATI Decoder and remove the above directory. If there is a problem with the files in the "C:\Program Files\Common Files\CyberLink" directory this will take care of that problem.

        Unless you reformated the system the installer for every version of anything you installed should still be in your system provided it was registered correctly.

        What we can do here is try to find out if the installer actually placed the install program in the system. You could re-run this installer from this location. You also have the option of searching for and finding the older version of the ATI Decoder you had before from this location and installing it instead.

        First allow use to view hidden and system files. You may want to change these back after you have finished.

        Now sort the folder based on date and look for the ATI Decoder installer by moving the mouse over the file. Older versions will appear on the dates they were install.

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          Checks on 1, 2, and 3. 4 is still stalling. I uninstalled the old decoder from the install CD, got rid of the CyberLink folder (I did this once before posting this thread) and looked up the C:/WINDOWS/Installer/ folder. There are a lot of old MMC install packages (I used to have a TV Wonder VE), a DAO install package, and a TitanTV package, but no decoder.


            Case closed

            Well, I finally got the decoder to install... after an XP reinstall that almost destroyed my computer. A repair install didn't work; it left XP unable to boot. Thankfully, I was able to overwrite the existing installation without losing too many files (most programs were uninstalled but their files remain as if nothing happened). The decoder installed without a hitch, thank God. It must have just been corrupted/missing files. As soon as I reinstalled XP, I got a response from ATI. It wasn't very informative.

            We have responded to your issue.
            Solution:This issue should not affect the performance of the HDTV Wonder. We are aware of the issue and are currently working on a resolution.
            Gee, thanks guys. I guess they never tried watching a 480i subchannel with MMC 9.08 and a year-old decoder. It's almost kaleidoscopic. I have a real solution: if it doesn't install, reinstall XP!