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No picture when HDTV Wonder activated via Easylook

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    No picture when HDTV Wonder activated via Easylook

    I have an ATI HDTV Wonder and Sapphire Radeon 9000 video card.

    I use DirectX 9.0c and the Radeon 9000 family video driver (both installed automatically during SP2 install).

    The HDTV Wonder functions flawless when activated from the desktop, but when I use the remote (EasyLook) to activated DTV, I just get a blank screen. I get appropriate sound, all of the graphics appear appropriately (e. g. channel info, etc.) and channels and all remote functions function properly; I just don't get a picture unless I exit to the desktop, and then when I change channels, the picture disappears.

    Is this because I don't have a Radeon 9500 or above (i.e. officially DirectX 9.0c) video card or is there something that I can correct to get a DTV / HDTV picture with Easylook / remote?

    I get the same thing...