I could not capture video with my Radeon 64 DDR ViVo card under Windows 2000 SP1, HotfixQ260233 (ATA100 Win2K Fix), DirectX 8.0. The ATI "Video In" applet returned a "The TV Player failed to initialize the video.." error dialog.

Installing the DirectX Digital Video update cured this problem. ATI failed to respond to my help desk call (not the first time either, they suck) so I guessed.

I do have a FireWire card in my system, but it is not used for video (no FireWire camcorder yet...) so I didn't think to try the update.

Athlong 1.2Ghz, 512Mb, Raid 0, MSI K7T Turbo-R, Pyro FireWire, SBLive


DV Update for DirectX

ATA100 Update for Win2K