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AIW Pro 9000 : sound issue during video capture

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    AIW Pro 9000 : sound issue during video capture

    I've got a Shuttle SB51G with an All-in-Wonder Pro 9000.
    It works fine, including TV reception. However, the sound is awfull (saturated) when I try to capture video (but the video itself is fine), even when the line-in control (windows panel) is to the lowest level.

    I've tried different sources: same result.

    I am using the latest ATI drivers (tv-capture-wdm-6-14-10-6196v2).

    Any idea?

    Sound too saturated when capturing

    Same problem here.

    - recording a TV-Show
    - capturing a CAM-video from video on
    - even a bit when timeshifting (vod)

    the sound is way to saturated and, hence, distorted, even when Line In (Record) is at a very low level.


      Sound problem

      I had a scatchy sound when something on the show I recorded was laud. I used SB live 5.1, changed to Hercules muse xl, no longer have the problem. Most people I have read say there is a problem between SB and ATI card, but I have found it to be many sound cards including Phillips. I went back to My Hercules because I do no get the problem, but I also do not get the nice 5.1 sound. Some say Turtle Beach card will fix problem, little expensive. I put my SB live 5.1 in my wife's computer and stuck with the Hercules card.


        has this been solved? I am getting the same issue. Abit KD7 with onboard sound


          Is problem solved?

          Last I heard each company blamed oneanother. So as of yet I do not think it has been fixed. I have not tried to installed anything else in my computer, if it works don't change it. I can record tv no problem, at the maxium capture setting without a frame drop. Sound is great, set it just below max on capture. At max there is a echo, but just below the sound is great. I know the card I have works, but as for as any other I do not know.


            Same problem here and I have done a little more research:

            I have 2 PCs. 1 has an AIW 9700 pro with SB Audigy and the other has an AIW 9000 pro with onboard sound.

            I get the same distorted scratchy sound in both PCs, whether i'm watching TV or recording TV. I even tried feeding the sound from one AIW card to the sound card of the other PC. No luck, as long as the sound output comes directly from one of the AIW cards i get the distorted problems.

            The only solution so far i found is to take the AIW out of the sound loop. I fed the aerial/video inputs into a video recorder or a digital set-top box, and then used the sound output ports of those boxes to feed the sound into the Line-in of my sound cards. In both PCs that resulted in perfect sound.

            But i dont consider that a proper solution, because now i have at least 1 extra box sitting on my PCs!!

            Anyone else found any other solutions (apart from "change soundcards!") or is this deffinitely a "bug" ?



              My 'cheap' solution!

              I too was getting a little to much gain on captured videos on my AIW 9000. I only had the problem on captures from my VCR not the captures the AIW took directly form my cable line. I don't have any scratchy problems but my system uses a Hercules GameTheaterXP sound card (7.1 sound when available!!!) . The way I solved it was to buy a stereo headphones extention cord from Radio Shack. It's the kind that has a volume control on it. When you make the capture I just turn down the volume control on the cord (just a little bit) to acceptable levels and it works great. The cord costs about $7-$8 US.

              I know this is not a solution but a workaround ---but I only need it when capping my old videos to my hard drive/DVD burner for digital storage.
              My cable box can adjust the gain from it to the AIW when I use it to cap the upper "digital" channels that the AIW can't decode (And NEVER will because they are PAY channels not basic). Now if they can only develop an IR Blaster to change channels on my cable box and develop a way to capture Component (HDTV) signals the AIW would be perfect!!!

              Hope this helps!

              That's my opinion - but I'm SURE I'm wrong!!
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