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Can't find a driver for a Rage 128 Pro II

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    Can't find a driver for a Rage 128 Pro II

    I recently downloaded the beta toolset for Neverwinter Nights and it won't run. Everybody at the bioware forums say "update your drivers" but I can't find a driver compatible with my card.

    I find
    -Rage 128 Pro
    -Rage Pro
    -Rage 128

    But no Rage 128 Pro II. I tried downloading and installing the drivers provided for the above 3 but each was incompatible.

    Please help! Does my card just plain not have any updated drivers for it? I can't even find the thing on official ATI cards lists.

    The card I have is 32mb, agp, and it also has "GL" in one of the item descriptions - the other just says Pro II.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated,



    Where did you get the card? ATI never released a Rage 128 Pro II chip. If that's the name of the card, then it wasn't actually manufactured by ATI and was probably made by some 3rd party manufacturer who gave it its stupid name.
    If you look at the actual card, is there a logo somewhere (usually on the back) that indicates what chip is on it? All ATI manufactured cards have a "Graphics by ATI: [graphics chip name]" logo on it and the 3rd party cards usually have a "Graphics by : [graphics chip name]" logo on the back instead.
    Chances are you got either the Rage128 or the Rage128Pro since those two chips had GL added onto their chip names after ATI had to fix a problem with OpenGL on them.
    What I suggest you do is look at the card and look for any indication of who made the card. If you absolutely can't find any, download either Powerstrip or SiSoft Sandra and use it to identify the actual card manufacturer. All video cards have a BIOS name that is the same for the same graphics chip but they also have an OEM name that is unique for each card manufacturer.


      Many Thanks!

      Got her goin