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AMDVLK, AMD's Open-Source Vulkan Driver for Linux, Gets Ray-Tracing Support

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    AMDVLK, AMD's Open-Source Vulkan Driver for Linux, Gets Ray-Tracing Support

    If you are interested in downloading the new driver, you can do so here.

    AMDVLK, the open-source Vulkan API driver maintained by a team that includes AMD developers, was updated to include support for Vulkan RT real-time ray tracing. Release v-2022.Q3.4 adds 64-bit ray tracing support for Radeon RX 6000 (Navi 2x) GPUs, updates Vulkan API headers to version 1.3.225, and adds performance optimization for "World War Z," and "AshesOfTheSingularity." It also fixes a display corruption issue faced with Firefox (GPU-accelerated web rendering) in Ubuntu 22.04. AMDVLK is distributed through the GPUOpen git repository.

    Source: techPowerUp!

    So for Steamdeck?
    Originally posted by KAC
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      Good question. I don’t know.


        The RDNA2 GPU in the Steamdeck does have RT ability. And if you install Windows its functionality is exposed and usable. So could lead to finally being able to use it under SteamOS
        not speaking for all and if I am wrong I never said it.
        (plz note that is meant as a joke)

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          Originally posted by SubCog View Post
          So for Steamdeck?
          I don't have a SteamDeck, so I'm not certain.

          But I think the AMD provided AMDVLK driver is usually recommended for specific use cases.

          Generally, the RADV driver is used, which is part of Mesa.